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5 Tips To Boost Your WIFI

  • Filer Mutual
  • May 18th, 2018
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Believe it or not, wifi signals don’t actually just magically fill your whole house. You’ve probably noticed that if you go outside, you lose strength. Things like walls and other electronics are actually huge barriers to the strength of your wifi so here are 5 pretty simple things you can do to maximize your wifi.

Number 1. Speed Test - Before you do anything else, measure your signal strength. There are hundreds of apps out there that can do this for you or you can simply click here or go to the Filer Mutual website and click Speed Test under Support to see how you are currently doing. Also before you get started, get out a pen and paper, or text yourself your initial results and then do the test again after you follow these simple steps and I’ll bet you’ll be amazed at your improvement.

Number 2. Electronic Device Interference - Check around your router or modem, see what other devices could be interfering with your signal. Things like telephones, TVs, radios, and even lamps can influence your signal strength so take care of your wifi and make sure it is in a place free of other electronics.

Number 3. Elevate Your Wifi - Get your wifi and modem up off the ground. Most people probably already have theirs up off the ground, but if you are having trouble, this could be a major factor. Look at your antenna, most likely they are angled in a slight downward position. This means that your signal is already naturally headed down and wifi signals have a hard time with barriers, especially concrete.

Number 4. Antenna positioning - As I previously mentioned, most people just naturally position their antenna in a v shape, one angled slightly left, one angled slightly right. Imagine your signal coming out of each antenna as if it were flowing out of the full length of each individual antenna parallel ( | | ) to the antenna, or if it helps.. Shooting out perpendicular (coming straight out at a 90 degree angle of how you have it positioned). We suggest angling one antenna horizontally, and one vertically. This should ensure you have optimal signal flow and bounce throughout your house.

Number 5. Router & Modem Placement - You should place your internet equipment near the center of your home with few barriers like wall corners and furniture to obstruct the signal. Also, consider putting your equipment in a room where you often use your wifi the most, and remember those electronic devices and how they like to interfere with the signal.

Now, if you’ve followed these simple steps, go ahead and test your speed again. Let us know on Facebook or Instagram if it made a difference for you, we’d love to hear and stay tuned for more tips coming your way all Summer long!